M&C General Insurance Co. Limited has the ability to do risk mapping using Geographic Information System (GIS) tool. This enables the tracking of the level of risks in areas prone to various perils throughout the island. The real-time information helps to enhance our preparedness in handling claims and conduct “what-if” assessments relating to flood, land slippage, wind exposure and sea surge.

Fire & Special Perils

This insurance can cover the Buildings and other structures, Plant/Machinery/Equipment, Furniture & Fixtures Fittings, Stock, Contents, Rent, Removal of Debris, Fees, and Tenants Improvement/Betterment. This standard policy would cover damage to the aforementioned arising from the perils such as Fire, Explosion, Lightning, Hurricane/Cyclone/Tornado and or Windstorm, Earthquake/Seaquake/Tidal Wave or Volcanic Eruption, Flood, Bursting or Overflowing of Water Tanks apparatus or Pipes, Riot and Strike/Malicious Damage.
Cover is also provided for Fire excluding catastrophic perils.

Homeowner's Inclusive

This insurance will cover the building and other infrastructure including Fixtures, Fittings and contents. This policy would cover damage arising from the following perils: Fire/Lightning/Explosion/Thunderbolt or Subterranean Fire, Bursting and/or Overflowing of Water Tanks Apparatus or Pipes, Burglary Housebreaking Larceny or Theft, Aircraft or other aerial devices, Impact by any road vehicles horses or cattle, Riot Strikes Lock-outs and or Labour Disturbances or Malicious Intent, Hurricane/Cyclone/Tornado or Windstorm, Earthquake or Volcanic Eruption, Flood, Breakage or Falling of Television and/or Radio Receiving Aerials Fittings or Masts, Falling Trees or parts thereof, collapse due to subsidence or landslip of the site on which the buildings stand, Smoke, Bush Fire.
This insurance also extends to cover Property Owners’ Liability, Public and Personal Liability.
Workmen Compensation can be included in your policy with an additional premium.
Cover is also provided for Homeowners excluding Catastrophic perils.

Standard Benefits includes:
→ Architects’ and Surveyors’ Fees
→ Breakage of Fixed Glass and Sanitary Fixtures
→ Damage to Underground Water or Gas Pipes of Electricity Cables
→ Loss of Rent
→ Removal of Debris
→ Replacement of Door Locks

Contract Works

Covers damage to building under Construction. The policy can be extended to cover your Legal Liability to third parties for Bodily Injury and loss of or damage to property as a result of an accident at the Situation of the Contract arising out of the performance of the Contract during construction.

Business Interuption/Consequential Loss

Covers your loss of profits following a loss or damage by an insured peril under the Fire & Special Perils policy. We would need to ascertain the indemnity period which would represent the maximum length of time we would pay for the loss of profits until your business gets back to the levels of profits before the loss or damage.

Loss of Rent

This policy covers Loss of Rent as a result of loss or damage by an insured peril under the Fire & Special Policy. We would pay the loss of rent which would have been achieved during the agreed indemnity period

Plant Equipment & Machinery

This policy provides insurance against all risks of physical loss or damage from whatsoever causes arising except as excluded in respect of damage to:
  1. Fixed and/or movable plant, equipment and machinery
  2. Construction machinery

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