All Risk

Cover is provided against loss or damage to the property insured by any accident or misfortune while within the Territorial Limits.

Annual Personal Accident

This policy would cover injuries to you and/or your employees in respect of injuries sustained whilst on the job including Death, Permanent to total loss of one or more limbs or sight of one or both eyes, Permanent total disablement other than loss of eyes or limbs, Temporary total disablement and Temporary partial disablement. The main difference between this policy and the above Employers Liability policy is that there is no need to establish negligence.


This policy covers loss of or damage to the Property insured, arising from Theft involving entry to or exit from the Premises by forcible and violent means by the person or persons committing the Theft.
Damage to the premises by attempted Theft and Loss of or damage to the Property insured as a result of consequent assault or violence or the threat thereof to you or any of your employees.  Limit 10% of Sum Insured. Standard Benefits:
→    Alarm Warranty
→    Other Contents
→    Fire Loss
→    Automatic Reinstatement
→    Designation Clause
→    Temporary Removal
You can insure for the full value of all your items or you can cover them on the basis of a first loss. In respect of a first loss policy you will be limiting the amount you can claim from one event and would receive a reduction in the premium.


This is an All Risk Policy which covers the loss of money in transit to and from your premises and at your premises (day or night).

Computer All Risk

This policy covers loss or destruction or damage including accidental damage to the computers and related equipment except the exclusions on the policy.

Goods in Transit

This policy would cover damage to your goods whilst in transit to the final destination including loading and unloading. Details of the vehicles being used to transport your goods along with a maximum limit any one haulage and type of goods are required to furnish you with a quotation.


Covers various losses experienced during your trip to and from your stated destination.

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